Morato Junior

The Antony Morato Junior line was founded in 2010 with the aim of rounding out the brand's range and reproducing the dynamic personality of the Men's line for kids.

Antony Morato Junior is for children from 4 to 16, offering them style and total freedom to express their taste and creativity by mixing and matching different items.

The line covers all categories of clothing, ranging from items with a decidedly more fashion look – such as suits and shirts – to products with a sporty vibe like sweatshirts and printed T-shirts, all designed to meet the needs of young men who wear the brand to combine comfort and practicality with a distinctive touch.


The new Spring Summer 2021 collection by Antony Morato Junior is inspired by the contrast between the city and nature, spotlighting the modern minimalist mood without sacrificing the classic charm of the summer season.

An on-trend mood, with a colour palette of neutral and cold tones, marks out a part of the collection that gives classically inspired pieces an urban twist.

The contrast between the city and nature, meanwhile, inspires the second part of the collection, which brings together tailored fabrics and jungle prints.

The result is a collection based around opposites, where natural elements with a wild feel coexist alongside classic fabrics.



From black and white to colour, the new Antony Morato Junior campaign opts for saturated shades and deep shadows.

The model's natural and self-confident attitude speaks to the brand's gritty mindset.

The product is always the star thanks to the close-up photography and simple graphic layout. The versatility of the Antony Morato Junior collection is reflected in the choice to present more shots so that different outfits can be suggested and the advertising image can be constantly updated throughout the entire Spring Summer 2021 season.