About us

Antony Morato was founded in 2007 by Lello Caldarelli, the company's creative director and president, and is rooted in Italian tradition. The brand embodies a cosmopolitan vision of the universe of men's fashion, looking to lifestyles in the world's major cities as a source of inspiration.

The brand had a focus on going global from day one. Over the years, the explosive combination of fashion content and accessibility has allowed it to establish itself in more than 60 countries, each with a different history and culture.

Meeting calls, online training, omnichannel sales, remote working, marketplace integrators, B2C and B2B e-commerce, virtual showrooms: the brand was very familiar with all these concepts prior to 2020. Its digital-oriented approach stems from the need to communicate across borders on a daily basis.

Dynamic and contemporary, the brand represents a new generation of conscious consumers who see fashion as a way to express themselves.

The collections have something for any time of day or night, allowing consumers to choose from a range of innovative outfits while maintaining their own personal style, thus meeting the needs of anyone looking for original and on-trend clothing.

  • 2007: Essedi S.p.a. and the Antony Morato brand are founded thanks to the vision of Lello Caldarelli
  • 2008: The brand begins to expand abroad (Holland and Spain)
  • 2009: Expansion continues in more countries (Belgium, Netherlands, Greece)
  • 2010: The first Antony Morato store opens in Naples
  • 2010: A children's range is developed under the Antony Morato Junior brand
  • 2011: The sales network continues to expand in the EU and beyond (Latin America and Russia)
  • 2011: The central facility in Nola is acquired and the German branch opens in Munich
  • 2012: The Milan showroom and the Spanish branch in Barcelona both open
  • 2015: The French branch opens in Paris
  • 2017: The company obtains ELITE certification from the Italian Stock Exchange
  • 2019: The Piacenza logistics hub opens

The name Antony Morato was designed to cross international borders and to be easily recognisable and pronounceable in the world's various countries. The logo has been restyled several times over the years, most recently in 2019, when a more stripped-down version was chosen in line with the brand's DNA, but still with a careful eye on future trends.



Based in the Nola-Marigliano ASI industrial district, Antony Morato HQ is located in one of southern Italy's busiest areas in terms of economic activity.

The modern and dynamic facility covers 6,000 square metres, distributed on two levels. The shapes, colours, style and design of the headquarters embody the main characteristics of the brand.

The brand's colours – grey and black – outline the external steel structures that give the building a contemporary feel, while the interior is illuminated by large windows that encircle the offices.

The Corporate Offices in Milan, Barcelona, Munich, Düsseldorf and Paris assist the headquarters and are at the forefront of the internationalisation process on the ground.



With a carefully chosen location in a strategic area of the city, Antony Morato's Milan office stretches across three floors of one of the five buildings in the famous Tortona 37 complex: a modern and cutting-edge space built around a large tree-lined garden, it houses some of the leading brands of the Italian fashion and industrial scene. An exclusive location that boasts an architectural style designed to minimise the environmental impact and optimise energy efficiency.

The offices slot into this environment, where the distinctive dynamism of the brand can meet the needs of buyers, journalists, area managers, and everyone involved in marketing and/or promoting the products.

The ground floor houses the press office, while the showroom and executive offices are located on the upper floors.

The collections are displayed and exhibited in an open-plan space, where visitors receive an expert and professional welcome from the showroom assistants, who know every aspect of the products and can showcase their every detail, allowing all visitors to get a full appreciation of the Antony Morato style.


Munich and Düsseldorf

The German branch of Antony Morato was the brand's first foreign branch and was opened in 2011 in Munich. The office consists of a showroom as well as a back office that handles customer management for the German and Austrian markets.

The brand's ongoing development in the German market also led to the facility being physically expanded. At the beginning of 2016, the branch moved to a showroom measuring almost 500 square metres and located in one of the most modern areas of the city, alongside the offices of various other prestigious brands. In 2017, a second showroom was opened in Düsseldorf's Kaiserswerther Straße.



Antony Morato's Spanish office is located in Barcelona's famous 22@ District.The area, previously occupied by old factories, was redeveloped into a hub focused on developing knowledge, home to companies working in media, information technology, energy, design and scientific research. The Antony Morato office is based in a unique building designed in a modernist style. Distributed over two floors and spanning over 1,000 square metres, this is where the collections are presented season after season and where the company's in-country omnichannel business is centrally managed.


Paris and Aix-en-Provence

In 2015, Antony Morato opened its French branch following significant expansion in the country.

The first showroom is located in Paris, in the famous Le Marais district, one of the most fashionable areas of the French capital, home to countless boutiques and trendy clubs.

The showroom, a stone's throw from the Place de la République, is located on the ground floor within the courtyard of a typical Parisian building. The large interior spaces, covering over 200 square metres, are surrounded by windows that play a crucial role in highlighting all the details of the Antony Morato collection.

A second showroom is situated in Aix-en-Provence, a city in the Provence region on the French Riviera. Located on the ground floor of a modern building, the surrounding area is leafy and green. The monochrome stylings of the space reflect the brand's identity and act as a touchstone for customers in the south of France.



From Naples to a global outlook thanks to the digital evolution and insourced logistics services.

The first phase of this process was completed in 2017 with the establishment of a warehouse at the company's headquarters and with the gradual implementation of initiatives to optimise the management of end-of-season Retail returns, outlet management and the related surplus.

The next phase, which centred around acquiring the entire logistics services management chain, allowed the company to bring together all such activities at the Castel San Giovanni logistics complex in Piacenza.

At this new logistics hub, designed to be environmentally sustainable, the main innovation revolves around the implementation of a 'wifi sorting' system for automatic garment sorting, ensuring a substantial reduction in sorting and delivery times.

Thanks to the generation of electromagnetic energy to supply wireless power to the truck motors, this system also has benefits in terms of energy consumption, low maintenance, and a low environmental impact.

The trucks sort garments and move around the warehouse propelled by magnets, allowing the company to easily manage its stock, which is now totally centralised. This ensures more effective management of all orders, supporting the omnichannel approach and a variety of sales channels (wholesale, retail, B2B and B2C e-commerce, marketplace, outlet) by improving the efficiency of customer-facing services.



In terms of business and brand strength, retail is a key driver for the growth of the brand.

Our consolidation strategy for the coming years involves a strong development plan in Italy and Spain, with the opening of flagship stores to strengthen international visibility and a presence in the main pedestrianised areas in these countries.

Executing this plan means creating a unique shopping experience, one where first-rate materials and reverence for the products are combined with premium service, with sales assistants acting as style consultants for the customer.

The concept underpinning the Retail project is a boutique where customers can enjoy a true luxury experience thanks to the high-quality interiors, detailed visual merchandising, and satisfying individual interactions with the sales staff.

Antony Morato stores feature sophisticated interior design that creates the perfect environment for the brand's collections. Designed by the in-house team, the space mixes natural and sustainable materials such as stone and marble in shades of black, grey and white with stainless steel to create a minimalist and contemporary ambience.

These points of sale are fully integrated within an omnichannel matrix that connects the digital store with physical spaces to fully meet the requirements and needs of our customers.