Men's Wallets and Card Holders

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Complete your look with men’s wallets and cardholders

Practical accessories with a specific purpose: this does not prevent, however, the Antony Morato wallets and card holders from being real elements of style, basic details that demonstrate fundamental class and elegance. These small accessories that you always take with you can express character, taste and glamour through authentic designs. Among our designs, you will find products with internal compartments that allow you to organise coins, banknotes and documents with practicality and speed. In addition, you have the possibility to choose the opening, from the classic, horizontal model to the innovative, strong, vertical fold-opening wallet that offers that you can slip easily into any trouser or in any blazer.

Wallets and card holders in fine materials

Both in classic leather and sporty fabric models, Antony Morato uses precious materials for his men’s wallets to enhance every style. Choose the combination that suits you, from the colours and finishes available (leather or faux leather, rough or smooth) according to your needs. The cardholders offer equally high quality: they are the perfect ally in case your wallet is not big enough to hold all your credit cards or documents. They bring additional comfort, ensuring that you will not need to move around every day with too many things in your pockets.

An essentially functional accessory to complete your outfit

You can order these functional and versatile pocket accessories with great comfort, online on Buy your wallet or a card holder through the comfort and quality of online shopping. We guarantee quick, reliable and affordable delivery, for the man who looks to optimise each and every experience. In addition, returns are free of charge to ensure complete satisfaction for every need.