Men's Underwear

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Men’s Underwear: impeccable style from head to toe

Whoever likes to take care of their clothing without neglecting any detail must first carefully choose their underwear. Antony Morato men’s underwear is characterised by comfort, style and sophistication: from briefs to boxers, our products are able to meet your needs and satisfy the most diverse preferences. Briefs and boxers can be easily paired with vests and socks, creating tone-on-tone combinations or interesting colour contrasts. The logo printed on the elastic band is found on all designs, for an extra touch of bold identity.

Every design for today’s man

Men’s boxers and briefs are available either in basic versions, plain and embellished only with the logo, or in more elaborate versions with prints and original patterns. The decorations range from the classic polka dot of street art in metropolitan style to the perennial mélange effect to traditional geometric patterns. Equally varied is the choice of colours: white, black and grey, in fact, are accompanied by more vivid tones such as red and blue. The stretch fabric of the briefs and men's boxers ensure practicality and comfort throughout the day.

Comfort at all times

The items in Antony Morato’s intimate clothing collection can be purchased online in a few quick steps, bringing together quality and comfort. The delivery service is fast, reliable and on time; after concluding the purchase process, boxers and briefs are delivered promptly, direct to your door. If you change your mind at the last minute and decide to opt for a different model, you can always take advantage of the free returns policy, sending the item back without incurring additional charges. This way, you never have to give up practicality and daily style.